Author Topic: Lewis & Clark Trail - advice needed for Independence, MO to Williston, ND?  (Read 3539 times)

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Hello - Looking for education on the traffic levels & existence (or lack there of :- )/width of shoulders?  I am trying to get a sense of what it takes along that stretch to avoid mixing it up with a motor vehicle.
Many thanks.

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Hi BP what I do is go onto Google Earth and go to street scene - you'll every pot hole along with photoes of the hard shoulders.  Plus at times you can pick up volumes of traffic.

If you ride it this year be very interested to know as planning to use L&C next year.

Good luck
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The back of the ACA map for each section includes a Riding Conditions chapter. I have found it quite useful; one of the many good reasons these maps are worth buying.


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I''ll go along with what Fred says.  They are very good. TT
Just starting to record my trips