Author Topic: Requesting guidance on the safest route from Spokane to Sandpoint, ID?  (Read 4776 times)

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Hello - I have learned from reading The Northern Tier Book not to take Idaho State Route 41.  Looks like my only other options are either U.S. 2 north out of Spokane, or travel east to Coeur d'Alene and go north on U.S.95. 
Any thoughts on which of these has the widest shoulders (if any) and the least traffic?  
Or, perhaps there is another approach shot of which I am unaware?
- Thank you.

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Hope I'm not reading this too late. Stay away from Hwy 95 in North Idaho! Heavy fast traffic, lots of trucks, rumble strips in the narrow shoulder! Go Hwy 2 north of Spokane. Still heavy traffic but a nice wide shoulder. There is a construction zone 3 miles north of town that must be avoided. The construction will continue for several more months. If you haven't come this way yet send me a message and I'll give you the detour.  bikerHen

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Hello, I'm also looking for guidance on a good route from Spokane to Sandpoint for an upcoming ACA trip.  I plan to do this over 2 days with the likelihood of camping overnight somewhere along the way.  I've identified the same 3 routes as you did with the help of google maps: via 95, via 41, and via 2.  I noticed that via 41 offers the shortest route with the least elevation gain.  Is there a good reason to avoid that route?  If so, would the route via Hwy 2 still be the best option?  I would appreciate any advice and updates.  Thanks!


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Unless conditions have changed since '00, I would not take U.S. 2 between Newport and U.S. 95. Little or no shoulder in places and traffic, including trucks. Old Priest and Dufort Rds., on the south side of the river, were much quieter. Then take U.S. 95 for a few miles into Sagle. In Sagle, make a right on Sagle Rd. You will instantly come to a bike path that takes you into Sandpoint via the old highway bridge across the lake. You can see this all on Google Maps.

Never ridden ID 41, but from Google Maps Street View it appears to lack a shoulder in many places and seems to carry a fair amount of traffic. If you do take it, there is a minor road from just north of Spirit Lake (Spirit Lake Cutoff Rd.) that takes you off ID 41 up to Dufort Rd. mentioned above. Again, this is available on Street View.

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The paved Spokane Centennial Trail and North Idaho Centennial Trail connect Spokane and Coeur d'Alene and are a great ride between those towns.  I don't have any experience or knowledge of routes between Coeur d'Alene and Sandpoint.