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I am doing LA to NY summer 2010 with my brother-in-law. The planned route takes us from St George to Four Corners via Zion National Park. Webstie I have been on suggest the tunnels in Zion are out of bounds for cyclists, but also suggest you can get through them in convoy with rangers in some way. Has anyone ridden them? Any advice welcomed


I rode through the Park last fall. Bikes and pedestrians are not allowed in the long tunnel above the S Curve, but the rangers will help you find a ride through.

Traffic is normally backed up at the tunnel and provides lots of opportunity to ask pickup truck drivers for a lift through the tunnel. The ride through the Park is SPECTACULAR and well worth the small hassle of that one tunnel.

When I came through, the ranger gave me a lift in her pickup


Many thanks for your reply. Looks amazing. It will be mid summer so I expect more than enough traffic to ask for a lift.

Many thanks once again.


Southern Utah is really, really hot in the middle of the summer! Be prepared. It's much nicer in the fall.

wow that's look like adventure travel


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