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I'm looking forward to reading posts from the first bikecentenniel. I was 16 at the time and tried to convince my parents to let me go on this ride, to no avail. :(

I hope some folks post their experiences.  I wanted to go, but it didn't work out.  I finally rode the route (now the Trans America) in 2007 with my daughter and a friend.

I'm proud to say I was there--for the Carbondale, IL to Lexington, KY portion.  I'm looking forward to watching this forum topic and plan to post some of my slides (remember them) to the flicker portion.  I hope to run across some of my fellow tourers from way back in '76.  I now wish I had kept contact with some of them. 

I was there too - during ACA's 30th aniversary in '06 the focus was on the long distance trans am groups but Bikecentenial had broken up the trans am route - then called the "Trans America Trail" into shorter triips doing sections of the much longer TAT - some of those sponsored trips were suported with a "sag" vehicle (I think they were Datsun PU trucks with tops) I did the Virginia section from Yorktown to Waynsboro - they called this section "Colonial Virginia - I think the official designation was CVE618 - I think the numbers are correct - I had sort of kept in contact with at least some of my CVE group through the mid '80's - I had met some tour group members at several of those GEAR rallies - GEAR '79 was hosted by the club of one of my tour group - the Potomic Wheelmen and it was there I had re-united with John Renninger (I think that is how his name is spelt) I had taken the Amtrak train to DC then rode to Harisonburg VA for the rally - it was at this rally I had sort of met albeit briefly,Fred DeLong

it was on a biz trip a few years latter on my way down to FL with the company van - I had stoped outside DC and gave John Renninger a call - next thing you know he was inviting me to stay at the bsmnt apt./rec area of his relatively new house! I tried to tell him I was on a biz trip and I could stay at the Watergate if I wanted to - the company was paying - John is therefore the only member of that group I still remember - I had unfortunately lost all of my contact info for the group and have not been in contact

one member of the group was from LI NY - he was the oldest at like 70? so I am afraid he has passed - the youngest member at 16 would be not quite 50 - John Renninger would have to be in his upper 70's? by now and me? well....  I am now well into my middle age "geezerhood"

I did not actualy meet the now famous "cookie lady" but I think other members of my group did - I think the group got split on the climb and I was in the lead group - the KOM group as it were

HI everyone, Now that your wishing i just found out about this contest site. Check it out only make a 60sec video. I already sent mine here is the youtube site  Sorry im posting this but everyone here is all about adventures just want to everyone know about what i found.


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