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--- Quote from: 1gewb702g on June 28, 2010, 06:21:30 pm ---If it didn't cost so much to have slides scanned, I'd have done it already.  And don't say to do it myself, as I have slides from the 2 trips, and to get a good scan takes a number of minutes per slide.  Plus I don't own a good slide scanner.

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Slide scanners keep getting cheaper and easier to use:

Just found this site.
I rode from Reedspoint, OR to Yorktown, VA in 76
A few years ago i was abe to drive back over the route from Baker City, OR to Reedsport.
I could not believe I had done this trip GREAT memories


I was in TAWB523...been looking for those in this group
My name is Rick
Who is this?


--- Quote from: staehpj1 on December 01, 2009, 07:56:11 am ---
--- Quote from: CMajernik on November 30, 2009, 01:01:05 pm ---The original 1976 route did not go through Lexington, KY - it has always gone through Berea. I looked at the trip offerings from 76 in the archives here at the ACA office and the trip I think GAmado is referring to was from St. Genevieve, MO to Berea, KY. Carbondale and Lexington were the 2 closest largest cities to those towns.

There are some maps here in Missoula but I don't know of anything online that shows the original 76 route. Amazingly, for its length, we have changed less than 150 miles of the route. There are short sections in VA, KY, IL. MO and KS that have been re-routed. The 2 biggest adjustments have been in CO and OR. In CO the route between Walden and Kremmling was changed, and in OR there is a new route between Eugene and Florence (which was always the shortcut to get to the coast) though the route officially began/begins in Astoria.

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Interesting, thanks.  I would have guessed that it had changed more.

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I was there we were 1tawk526 leaving Reedsport, Oregon not Astoria, so I do believe that the trail started in Reedsport way back in 1976, so that part has also changed.


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