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Ride through Germany and Holland

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I am new to this forum. I would like to plan a ride through Germany and Holland.With rest stops at  hostels. I would like to organize the group from here in the US and also have cyclist in Germany and/or Holland to meet up over in Europe. new to this but would love advice and help.

I've always traveled alone but maybe can help you out with adresses in the Netherlands and Germany.
I just got back from Italy to my hometown in the Netherlands and really enjoyed the bike trails through Germany. Ofcourse Holland is perfect for cycling too. As is Vlaanderen, the Dutch speaking region of Belgium. And even in Walolonie, the French part, things are improving rapidly. 

If you want me to I can look up hostels and stuff and give advice about the most interesting parts of these countries. Needless to say there are tons of stuff worth a visit.

Please let me no if I can be of any assistance to you.

I am going to Germany in September for a biking trip. Frankfurt to Strasbourg to Saarbrucken to Trier.

Any assistance?


The ADFC produce an excellent cycling guide to the whole country.   It used to be available free from the Sustrans web site, which is an excellent source of maps and guides.

Yout can also order a copy from their main web site.

If you're planning a cycling trip to Germany, it's well worth having.

Hi I'm from the Netherlands and maybe my non commercial cycling touring club 'de Wereldfietser' can help you too.
They also have information in english on their website.
And in the forum you could ask your question in english.

And please check also my weblog on the Netherlands

Good luck!



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