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Phoenix, AZ to Durango, CO
« on: July 29, 2009, 03:44:40 am »
I was thinking of making three separate trips: Phoenix to Flagstaff, Flagstaff to Kayenta, and Kayenta to Durango, CO because I only take 5 days trip which includes transportation by train to and from my starting and ending points.  I'm getting a ride back from my sister from Durango. Unfortunately, there is no train or bus near Kayenta, AZ.  Bicycles are not allowed on the main highways, right?. My other alternative is take the Western Route to Durango from Cedar City, UT or take the bicycle route (name?) from Grant, NM to Durango.  I found out that both bus and train stops in Gallup, NM and that I could make it single 5 day trip instead of three separate 5 day trips to Durango.  The trip takes me thru Tohatchi, Little Water, and Farmington, NM.  Has anyone rode in that area and is there a reason to ride toward Santa Fe, NM from Grant?
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Re: Phoenix, AZ to Durango, CO
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Bicycles are not allowed on the main highways, right?
I haven't been there in 25 years, but you could ride all the highways in the area at that time, and I expect that's still true.  I rode from Farmington to Durango in a little over two hours, with the help of the wind.

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Re: Phoenix, AZ to Durango, CO
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The web link is the state map of the shoulder width of various state highways.  It may be helpful.  Bicycles are permitted on hwy 160 that goes through Kayenta.  They are also permitted on hwy 163 that goes by Monument Valley although I wouldn't recommend it.  It has almost no shoulder and gets a lot of RV traffic.  It is most memorable (other than the "monuments") for the trail of beer cans and bottles from Mexican Hat.