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Route San Diego to Tucson

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Yeah a google map outlining the ride would be awesome. I've been looking to ride from Tucson and then spend some time in San Diego. Does anyone know how San Diego Transportation is? And how bike friendly they are? I want to be able to do some exploring while I'm there, going to be a mini vacation for me.

San Diego has so-so public transportation.  There is a semi decent bus system and all buses have bike racks on the front.  The web site for the bus and the trolley system is http://www.511sd.com/

San Diego is both bike-friendly and bike-hostile depending on where you ride.  Here is a link to bike maps of the city http://www.icommutesd.com/Bike/BikeMap.aspx

If you have some idea of what area of the city you plan to visit, I can give you some ideas.  I have lived in San Diego my entire 53 years and have been biking it since I was 15.

I would really appreciate the advice on how to get from Tucson to San Diego. My plan was to go Interstate.

We are planning for a San Diego trip next month. I need some useful tips from you guys about the travel and how things work out. What is the best season there for travelling and any suggestions?


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