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Hi, I'm looking for rides in Florida in the remaining months of 2009.  Thanks.

Hi:  I'm in South Florida but have ridden all over the State of Florida.  Where are you planning on riding and we'll see if we can help find you the best rides.  Take care

Check out the Rails to Trails site - the ones I know are the Withalacoochi (no idea of correct spelling) also called Tammy Trace - this is a great ride - can even take a couple of days for a relaxed ride both ways.

From Tallahassee to St Marks another Rails to Trails. Just love em. 

Where are you in Florida and if anyone knows of closer places near Kissimmee I would be v interested.

The Gainesville Cycling Festival is the weekend of October 24 and 25 and is very well organized.  Here is the link:

I rode the "Horse Farm Hundred" a few years ago and it was a great ride.

Thanks a bunch.  Anywhere in Florida.  Weekdays are not a problem either.  Great input, thanks.


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