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Chicago to Rockford to Galena/Dubuque, IA corridor


Starting this topic to collect information on a possible Chicago/Rockford/Galena corridor. This is designated as an alternate corridor in the corridor map, but sufficient, well-marked facilities exist that can carry bicycle traffic west from Chicago (U.S. B.R. 66) to outside the Chicago metro area, which is a good start to defining a route.

Western terminus: U.S. Bicycle Routes 40/45 near Galena, IL or Dubuque, IA
Eastern terminus: U.S. Bicycle Route 66 in Chicago, IL
Major network intersections: Rockford-Springfield route, Fox River Trail

Corridor Map

Private message me to be able to edit this map as well.

It should be noted that the Great River Trail (Missisippi River) connects the Western Side of these routes from Rock Island IL (Dubuque area) to Galena, IL.  As part of the Grand Illinois Trail these corridors with many miles already off road should be considered for US Bike Route Status.

Yeah - I noticed that when mapping out the corridor for U.S. Bicycle Route 40. :-D Many of these corridors follow existing routes, either off-road like most of the Grand Illinois Trail, or as cued by the Adventure Cycling Association.

Route 40 in particular has fewer agencies to coordinate with (fewer municipalities)... but I'm keeping an eye on these forums to see how each poster progresses with the coordination.


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