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A family trip from Boston to Seattle....mine in fact. Mom, Dad, and 11 year old son (whom turned 12 on the trip). Still working updates on photos. I can't recommend touring with your family highly enough! Our son made it the whole way on his own bike!

Cycling with children has to be one of the most rewarding experiences that I have ever had. I have cycled with both my boys (24, 21) when they were teens; my youngest rode XC with me twice (when he was 13 and 17). I would encourage everyone to ride with children whether or not they are yours.

My experiences have been so enriching, I have been riding with teens since 1998. I now run a non-profit that uses cycling to help kids set and reach goals, teach life skills, promote teamwork and an appreciation of diversity, help others through service projects, and promote environmental awareness.

Check us out at and join us!

If I can help anyone with questions about cycling with teens I would love the discussion.


Pedal Powered Family:
For us, the reality of bicycle touring just never changed when we started a family. We now have two children under 4-years-old and they have joined us on thousands of kilometers of bicycle travel. We love it, and they love it too!

Our big trip is coming up this spring. In May we leave for our longest tour yet, 12 months on road as a family. We have a blogged a few of our adventures in the past year on our site: and you can find us on Twitter @pedalpoweredfam and Facebook as well.


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