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Re: Seat Problem
« Reply #15 on: October 28, 2009, 12:14:15 pm »
Peter White wrote an elaborate write up on setting saddle position (and other fit details),  I don't always agree with Peter White, but he has strong opinions and will tell you why he feels that.  I can respect a man that does that.  I hate reviewer that are luke warm about everything.

I think the group concensus is that you should make sure that the bicycle fits you properly before you start swapping saddles around.  Every saddle you try should also be set properly for your evaluation.  High end seat posts make that easy to do, but the OEM posts that come with your bicycle probably throw tilt and fore/aft out of wack every time you change the saddle.

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Re: Seat Problem
« Reply #16 on: October 29, 2009, 03:02:15 pm »
I wouldn't use anything but the Terry Liberator Y Gel Saddle.
The only time I'm a little uncomfortable is when I get back on the bike after many, many miles and then it's just for a few minutes. I have a lot more trouble with pain in my hands and feet than my butt.

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Re: Seat Problem
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I like a Brooks Professional, but it takes time to break in. I was up in Gainesville, Fl. a few weeks back, I met Alex Dowd of Villin Cycle Works, makes beautiful frames. He suggested a Sella Royal Gel. Swore by it for long distance riding. My girl friend and I purchased the Terry Liberator X & Y last Christmas. I know some swear by them, they were very hard and we only had two weeks to actually ride them. They count the 30 days from the time they ship, to the time they receive the saddles back, so needless to say we returned them in time. Our butts are very road hard and since we live in Tampa, we ride a lot. Like Paddleboy17 says, "most of us have a box of saddles, until we find one that works." Good luck.