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Here's a study: Bicycle safety increases as the number of cyclists increase.


Peter Jacobsen's Safety in Numbers can be found here: http://www.tsc.berkeley.edu/newsletter/Spring04/JacobsenPaper.pdf

Interesting study. Seems to follow the old adage "...safety in numbers."

Very interesting but wondered where my experience might fit in.  I managed to collide with a man on a donkey while crossing the Eastern Desert in Egypt  - absolutely nothing else or any one around except us two. Surely you need to take that into consideration!

Actually it is quite interesting I assume that safety in numbers is because you give the motorist a bigger "area" to think about and see when so many other distractions around.

My understanding from the perspective of people in "bike friendly" countries (ie. Netherlands) and cities (ie. Amsterdam) is that you are always on the watch for cyclists - it becomes second nature just as we cyclists are always on the watch for cars and trucks (or donkeys  ;) as the case may be!). When you build large populations of users, the incidents go down because humans adjust to the existing environmental factors. Makes sense. Now to convince our policy makers and the  general population. 

Hi, I think that here in the UK and over with you there needs some radical legislation & education as in Holland, Denmark etc where vehicle drivers legally have to give way to cyclists when making a turn. Cyclists have their own cycle ways, not just a few lines painted on the existing road which run out at the most dangerous points.  Or as here motorists can park in the lanes.  For me the best big city in USA was Phoenix - only know the route mapped by ACA though.   

I think that you are absolutely right but bigger numbers of cyclists will only appear when the infrastructure is totally changed.  Which will never happen here.  Hope I don't put anyone off from riding here in UK - there is some great rides but need to be extra vigilant as we are crammed into small roads.


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