Author Topic: Parts of USBR 97 are closed to bikes  (Read 4330 times)

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Parts of USBR 97 are closed to bikes
« on: October 03, 2012, 11:17:06 pm »
According to Alaska's 2010 application to AASHTO, USBR 97 (not identified by number in the application) follows the Seward and Glenn Highways through Anchorage. But Google's mid-2011 Street View photos show 'pedestrians and bicycles prohibited' signs on many freeway sections of these highways. There are certainly alternates open to bikes - Old Seward Highway to the south, and a sidepath along the Glenn Highway (not sure if it's plowed in winter). But the point is that nobody bothered to check the route - nobody at Alaska DOT and nobody at AASHTO (the ACA gets a pass because apparently they weren't consulted). It's not too surprising to me, since they've done the same sort of thing for U.S. Highways, but it's a little troubling.
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