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I don't know the best way to ride from the east end of the Santa Ana River Trail at Green River to continue east across Corona and Norco.  But there is a significant section of the SART along the river from the Hidden Valley Wildlife Area to Waterman, just east of the 215 interstate.  I don't know a paved route to get very near the west end of this section.  There is a trail access parking lot at the north end of Tyler (north of Arlington, about a mile west of Van Buren).  So if you can find your way eastbound to Arlington then ride north on Tyler you could ride about 15 miles east to Waterman.  There are easy access routes to get to downtown Riverside about 1 mile off the SART.  I would like to know a preferred route to get from this area to Devore.  Mt Vernon may work and that is the historic highway Rt 66 further north, where it becomes Cajon Blvd.  I have never driven this area, much less ride it.

Alan Thompson:

--- Quote from: lscheetz on October 05, 2009, 11:44:13 pm ---My earlier suggestion for USBR 66 going south of Los Angeles may have been too hasty.  The historic Auto Route 66 stays  near the northern edge of the LA basin.  So it would probably be understandable to have Rt 66 go thru Pasadena to (or near) Santa Monica.  Then the  southern route across the LA basin should be labeled Rt 70.  My attempts to find local government and local bike club people have not produced any good contacts - yet.

--- End quote ---

I have some local contacts. Send me an e-mail.

Aggie, thanks so much for the details.  Today I rode out to Riverside using the SART and other streets you mentioned, and had a wonderful time-- so much better than my last try which was very frustrating.  I took detailed notes on exact mileages and a few other things by microcassette, so if you want those details for making route slips, I might be able to help a bit.

I will be very interested if someone comes up with a good way to complete the Rt 66 route to the coast at (or near) Santa Monica by way of Pasadena, as previously mentioned.

I live in Orange County, California and I've bicycle toured between Huntington Beach and Victorville. Santa Ana River trail from HB to Corona, streets to Devore, old 66 and part of I-15 to Victorville. I'm very familiar with the Cajon Pass area of I-15 and the alternates.

I've also done a route from Huntington Beach to Palm Springs. Santa Ana River Trail to Corona, streets to Riverside, Moreno Valley, Beaumont, Banning, Palm Springs.

I'm definitely interested in seeing long distance touring routes through the area, and I'd be happy to answer any specific questions.


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