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I am also having second thoughts about the routing of the common Rt 66 and Rt 70 from Victorville to Devore.  My proposed route would avoid using the auto IS 15 through most of Cajon Pass, but a couple of cyclists who have ridden CA 138 (my proposed interstate avoidance route) east of IS 15 tell me that it is narrow with no shoulder and a lot of truck traffic.  There is a proposed upgrade to  Summit Valley Rd, which could be a viable  option if a space was provided for bikes.  I understand that this upgrade is awaiting funding and I'm trying to find someone in San Bernardino county to talk to.

Larry Scheetz


--- Quote ---The Santa Ana River Trail is an unbroken Class 1 Bicycle Trail between Huntington Beach and Corona.
From Corona, one can take surface streets to Devore.  The Cajon Pass (Interstate 15) is open to cyclists between Devore and Victorville.  I took this route when I cycled from Orange to Lake Tahoe.

Chris Mitchell
--- End quote ---

Do you have a good route to get from the SART near Corona to Devore?  Looking at the map books, I don't see any simple, easy-to-remember way.  It seems like I'd have to take two big map books, or tear the many applicable pages out to take with me.

Edit, a few hours later:  I took Imperial Hwy to Yorba Linda Bl/Weir Cyn Rd to the SART east today to see how far I could get, and it was only about 3.5 miles before I got to a locked chain-link gate where it was dirt on the other side and there was a sign that said "no trespassing."  This was about 1.5 miles west of the San Bernardino county line.  The trail was on the north side of the river.  I initially expected to find it on the south side, because it's on the south side a few miles west at Riverdale Park; but I know it changes sides of the river a few times also southwest of Riverdale Park before it comes out at PCH 20 or so miles down.  The south side had pavement only a few hundred feet east of Weir Cyn Rd.  I'd like to know how to get beyond these and where the SART is paved and accessible again.

The SART trail crosses over the river at Gypsum Canyon Road.  The relatively new bridge has a very wide sidewalk separated from the roadway.  Don't follow the path under the bridge.  Go over the bridge at the light.  Then bear right to follow the path into the park.  The path bears right and then goes under the bridge.  The SART then parallels Hwy 91.  SART then ends at the Green River Golf course.  If you follow the road it will take you over hwy 91 on Green River Rd. 

If you then take a left on Palisades Dr (just after the storage units) it will end on Serfas Club Dr.  Take a left and follow Serfas Club for about 0.3 miles.  Take a right on the frontage road just before hwy 91.  This will empty on 6th st. in Corona.  This street becomes Magnolia and takes you into the city of Riverside.  At that point there are a couple of different ways you could get to Devore. 

Wow, thanks!  I'm finally making some progress now after having been looking for this info for a long time.  I had to look at the satelite view in a couple of places to see what you meant, but it's coming together.  I hope to go out again and try it next weekend.

Is there any SART north of Prado dam?

I'm not aware of any SART north of the dam.  It is possible there are some short sections.  If you can find the book "Bicycle Rides - Inland Empire" by Don and Sharron Brundige it might have some other river sections.  I don't think there is a continuous trail that is easily followed.

I'll look around to see if I can find any maps of trails in the inland empire.

Update.  Take a look at this website.  http://www.mapmyride.com/ride/united-states/ca/san-bernardino/289413464  It should show a google map with a 21 mile trail that goes from Tequesquito Arroyo Park in Riverside to Waterman Ave in San Bernardino.

Also found this one.  It seems to connect the two sections of the SART.  http://www.mapmyride.com/ride/united-states/ca/san-bernardino/705029175

Update 10/23/09  I just rode by the SART at Gypsum Canyon Road.  When you come up to the bridge you will notice that the center lines direct you either to the right (and under the bridge) or go straight seemingly to the intersection.  As you pass the chain link fence and gate you will see a small sign on the bridge indicating the trail goes right and over the bridge (and the Santa Ana River).  There is also a Bike Route sign on the first light pole. 


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