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Driving from Vancouver to Halifa


I plan on driving from Vancouver to Halifax, could anyone give me a route that takes me there in 3-4 days?

I heard driving through the States is also faster than going all the way through Canada, has anyone tried that, if so, what route did you take through the USA?
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A quick look at google maps shows it to be about 6000km any way you go. Thats some awfully long days if you want to do it in 3 or 4 days. I don't have any route recommendations for you. I guess if you stay in Canada the TransCanada would be the fastest route.  No idea about the US side, which is possibly shorter.

It's probably faster to go though the States, as the Interstate highways are wider and speed limits are faster. Plus gas is a lot cheaper there.

Go down to Seattle, take I-90 all the way to Boston, then take I-95 up to New Brunswick then on to Halifax, about 6200 kms.  You could save about 700 kms by taking the ferry across the Bay of Fundy from Portland, Maine to Yarmouth. The shortest all-Canadian route you could do is about 5800 kms, but it involves long stretches on two-lane highways in Northern Ontario.


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