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Hi guys! I'm looking forward to cycling around parts of Europe (Spain, France, Italy) from June to Sep 2010. Looking for anybody that may be interested, for even parts of the way and for ideas and suggestions. Cheers. Jen

I don't know if you are familiar with Europe. But bon't forget Germany. It has a vast network of bike paths. I also had a terrific ride from Trento to the Brenner in Italy.
France and Spain are great but far behind what bike paths are concerned. It is very important to plan your route well in these countries to find the best and quiet roads. There is a book " The Green Route to the Mediterranean". It describes the route from The Netherlands to the south of France in 2 parts. There may be other people who have done the work for you and I think it is wise to use their experience.


There's lots of great cycling in Europe.   Have a look at this site for information.   The Eurovelo link will give you lots of information about the longer routes.   One of my favorites is the Loire.   It's great cycling, lovely scenery, plenty of campsites and lots of interesting towns.

I'd also suggest you join the Youth Hostel Association, good for inexpensive accommodation.   For the UK, check out

They can provide maps of a number of really good cycling routes.   I particularly recommend the Rievers Route and the C to C.

In Germany, as mentioned above, there are some excellent routes.   I haven't tried them (yet) but the Rhine and Danube routes are supposed to be excellent.

You will find drivers in Europe are generally considerate to cyclists and in many cases, downright friendly.   The only exceptions seems to be Spanish truckers!

You'll have a great time.   

Switzerland is very cycling friendly with 9 marked national routes, many local and regional routes, and bike friendly trains and buses.  Route maps are at 


I did a ride in France and Belgium this past summer and had a great time.  France was good, and as pointed out Europeans are very considerate of cyclist, but Belgium was the best (though I haven't been to the Netherlands).  Cycling is very strong in Belgian culture and every where I went in Flanders had bike paths.  There are also loads of canal paths to ride.

Here are a couple of websites:

Safe travels,


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