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Agenda Item 3, Destinations Along Michigan USBR 35

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Paul V:
This thread is for use by the Michigan USBR 35 Corridor Committee.

The board will discuss and approve a list of destinations through which the route will pass.

Destinations are locations that have lodging, restaurants and grocery stores, and which meet the mission statement for USBR 35, and which are on a reasonably shortest-distance-route through the corridor.

Draft List of Destinations through which the route must pass:

Sault Ste. Marie
St. Ignace
Mackinaw City
Traverse City
Grand Haven
South Haven
Benton Harbor
St. Joseph
New Buffalo

Please review a map and comment on whether these cities are appropriate as destinations, and whether other cities should be added to the list.

In addition to the listed communities we should consider adding the following: Cedarville, Hessel, Cross Village, Harbor Springs, Suttons Bay, Leland, Glen Arbor, Empire, Arcadia, North Muskegon and Spring Lake.

Paul V:
Mark, thanks for responding.

The initial list of destinations is intended as cities through which the route MUST pass.  It is important not to include cities if the local groups might choose a different route.

Cedarville, Hessel: It might be a good route to use M134 to Cedarville and then north on M129.   From there the route could pass through Stirlingville and north on Riverside Dr.  I do not know this area and would like to hear from people who bicycle in that area.  It certainly would be nice to follow the coast as much as possible.

Cross Village, Harbor Springs: 119 is the Tunnel of Trees road and might be a good bike route, however it also adds a lot of distance to the route.  I remember 119 as being a narrow road, I wonder how bicyclists like it.  It does pass near Wilderness State Park Natural Area which is a bonus.

Suttons Bay, Leland, Glen Arbor, Empire: again, the question is how direct should the route be versus how much coastline and beautiful area should be included.

Arcadia: is directly between Frankfort and Onekema, so should be included.

North Muskegon: probably is on the route between Muskegon and Muskegon State Park, so would probably be included on the route.

Spring Lake: I would like to hear from local bicyclists as to the best way to get across the Grand River, and how the route should go in that area.  I only know of the US31 Bridge and from there I suspect that the route north would go through Ferrysburg rather than Spring Lake.

Paul V:
Here is a map of the destinations along the route:


There is a pedestrial/bike path across the US31 drawbridge in Grand Haven that will bring riders to Ferrysburg as you indicate.  However the same path has an extension across the M-104 bridge into Spring Lake.  This provides riders the opportunity to safely access shopping and lodging in Spring Lake while making their way north on the proposed route.


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