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Agenda Item 4, How to set up Local Route Meetings
« on: November 27, 2009, 12:16:02 pm »
This thread is for use by the Michigan USBR 35 Corridor Committee.

The board will discuss the best way to manage Local Route Meetings.

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Re: Agenda Item 4, How to set up Local Route Meetings
« Reply #1 on: January 05, 2010, 11:18:30 am »
We are working on setting up a local route meeting for the South Haven Area.  I am going to make some notes here on how to put the meeting agenda together.

We are starting with a draft route. The corridor committee member to the south of me is in St. Joseph, and to the north is Holland.  So my focus is on the length of the route between St. Joseph and Holland.  I am going to try to coordinate the meeting with the help of the corridor committee members to the north and south of me. We may decide to split the route up by counties, with each of us taking counties close to our areas.

Before I schedule a local route meeting, I want to make sure that the road organizations are aware of the USBR program, have a copy of the local draft route and are aware that a meeting will take place.  The local road organizations have authority/responsibility for these roads and need to be given notice before any public meeting on the route.  This  gives them the chance to propose changes to the draft route before the meeting.

Based on the route, I will identify the road organizations which control the roads along the route and make a list of contacts from those organizations.  These include cities, road commissions, and MDOT.  When contacting MDOT, I intend to contact someone at the local Transportation Service Center, the Transportation Planner for this area, and the Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator.

If for some reason, any of the destination muncipalities are not included in the above list, they will be added to the contact list.

Regional planning organizations, Metropolitan Planning Commissions and any regional transportation groups should be identified and added to the contact list.  If applicable, adjacent state or province planning organizations should be added to the contact list.

State Bicycle Trail organizations will be contacted.  I will also look for any local bicycle clubs and try to locate any person with experience biking on local roads, either as a touring or racing bicyclist.

In addition to this contact list, I will try various means of getting the word out that we are looking for interested persons to discuss the route.  In my case, I will use the local cable channel, perhaps the mailings that accompany utility bills, and if I can get authorization for funding, I will put an ad in the local newspaper.  I will put a press release and try to get local media attention for the meeting and make sure it is clear that the public is invited to this open, public meeting.

OK, that is the contact list for a local route meeting.

The next step is to put a public notice together for the meeting.  I will work on that in the next posting on this forum. 

The meeting also requires an agenda.

To recap:

1. Discuss and coordinate with corridor committee members to north and south of me.
2. List all road organizations and contact them with info on USBR, the draft route and the meeting date.
3. List all stakeholders with contact information for individuals within those organizations
4. Once all the road organizations have been contacted, set a meeting date.
5. Put together a public notice and agenda for the meeting.
6. Get the public notice out using various means of publication.