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On a plan to visit Canada….need suggestions.


Greetings to everyone, recently I have got some spare time from my office work  and was planning to have a tour to Canada with my family, though the plans are not finalized yet, I would like to have some information on the country so that I could plan the trip in a better way. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Hi can you let us know how long you plan to travel for - when and if you are thinking east or west side.  Will help with advise on possible routes.  I have crossed E to W and also Quebec area, Rockies and Vancouver - all widely different.  Oh and age of children might also help.

Whatever you will all have fun.


I've cycled through Canada and loved everypart of it.
It is filled with wonderful people and gorgeous scenery...or was it the other way around?
The variety of the USA...makes the trip worthwhile.
Canada doesn't have a lot of roads...just pick the secondary ones and you should be OK.
The eastern part does have marked bike routes, so that will help.


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