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Bike tour of Rajasthan, India


Does anyone have any experience of touring in Rajasthan India. I am planning to cycle there in March 2010. There are various tours offered by tour companies but they dont fit my time frame and I want to plan a self-directed tour. Any thoughts?

Grace Johnson:
A good site to look at for cycling in Rajasthan is:

It's awhile since I toured in India but Rajasthan was one of my favourites.  It's pretty easy and I wouldn't take a tour as you will meet far more local people .  Plenty of cheap accommodation along the way and no one ever bothered me while camping.

One bit of advice is to organise a driver & car from Delhi Airport(assume that's where you fly into) before you get there to take you to Agra because if you aren't used to their roads that's not a good place to start.

Take iodine tablets for your water. 

You'll be blown away by the place.  Good luck

My wife and I spent about a month in Rajasthan this spring. We flew to Mumbai and took a train to Udaipur. (We then cycled in Australia, Laos, Cambodia and Thailand for a total of about 3,000 miles).

In my blog below you will find my impressions which were all highly favorable. Would be happy to send you further info/details,

Happy Cycling,



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