Author Topic: Ortlieb Panniers: Classic vs Cordura Material, Roll Top vs Backpacker Style  (Read 7866 times)

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"To keep or not to keep, that is the question." I recently received, from my girlfriend, a complete set of Ortlieb Panniers. Ortlieb USA, recommended F/R Roller Classic in grey and they look good with my bike. They will go on Tubus Tara and Cargo racks. My previous panniers were cap top, with a draw string closure, and compression straps. Sadly, they did not hold up. I am not use to the roll up closure. I see ACO , in Ortlieb, only offers, the Backpacker style, in the classic material. Those of you, who have Ortlieb panniers, I would like your input, on style and fabric, before I make a final decision. Thanks in advanced for your help. Bob

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This is often discussed. You might check out the comments at:

Wayne is a very knowledgeable guy if you call him.

I have the classic rollers. The "classic" design is a bit cheaper, but some don't like the "feel" of them. They are quite durable, but feel kind of plasticy. The "plus" fabric has a nicer feel, but comes in fewer colors.

The "roller" is a bit more waterproof than the "backpacker" style. but a bit harder to open and close. Frankly, the roller is perhaps more waterproofness than you really need unless you are in a typhon.

All of these will work very well with the Tara and Cargo (the same racks I have).

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Let's get this straight.  Your GIRLFRIEND got you a set of brand new high-end panniers and you're wondering if you should return them on the advice of STRANGERS to get something else.  WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU!!!!

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Cyclesafe, I think your comment may be way too harsh. I normally wouldn't give a post like this a second thought. If you, would have read the post carefully, she based her purchase on the advise from someone at Ortlieb USA. I was use to a different style of bag and not use to the fabric and closure. I truly appreciate the gift and she wanted me to happy with it and encourage dme to write to the forum. I most likely will keep it, but the forum has always been helpful, unlike your rude and insensitive comments. You would have been better served, to have kept your negative comments to yourself, and contributed something useful.

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Lighten up bucko.