Author Topic: How to create usable routes for TA?  (Read 7330 times)

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How to create usable routes for TA?
« on: April 28, 2008, 06:08:53 pm »
My goal is similar to Kathy's--I'm trying to use TA's downloadable GPS routes for the TransAm, with a minimal amount of editing. I downloaded them into Mapsource and created 3 sets of routes to fit within the limits of my Garmin GPS60CSx. City Navigator is loaded on the memory chip.
The problem is when I recalculate the route either in Mapsource or on the GPS unit, the length of the route doubles or even triples in length. This is in spite of my routing setting for bicycle, no toll roads, etc. In Mapsource, there is no selection for "no Highways", but I selected "Prefer Minor Roads." I know that one of the causes is to avoid bike paths, but what else is going on?
How can I create routes with directions that more faithfully follow the AC route without laboriously comparing the GPS mappoints turn by turn with the AC paper maps?
I believe I'm following the procedures provided by Paul Taylor and Alex Carr. Thanks.


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How to create usable routes for TA?
« Reply #1 on: April 29, 2008, 08:52:32 pm »

I understand your frustration.

GPS technology is only perhaps 90% perfected. I recall one stretch, in Minnesota as I recall, where a 10 mile route turned into a 200 miler on MapSource.

My practice has become to use the ACA GPS waypoints and routes, but keep an eye on the paper maps.

Also, the route on your GPS60CSx will not be the same as on MapSource, since they use different algorithms. Go Figure.



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How to create usable routes for TA?
« Reply #2 on: April 30, 2008, 09:13:01 am »
Hi Jerry,

I will recommend another good source of information about using the ACA waypoints. Go to the Routes and Maps section of the web site and click the GPS Information Link. Find the GPS Data User Guide there.

The screwy routes are due to the placement of the waypoints to accommodate travel in both directions. Most, but not all, of the waypoints are positioned for travel in the sequence of the printed map panels. When navigating point to point, this works fine both ways. However, a waypoint on the wrong side of a divided highway can make the road-routing program generate some really bizarre and long routes. It tries to get you to that point, even if that means a U-turn at the next exit. The same is true of waypoints on bike paths that do not appear in the map at all.

A related glitch arises from the slightly different positions of roads and intersections in your map and in the map from which the waypoints were made. This can cause instructions to turn off the road for 50 feet, make a U turn, and ride back.

The cure for both problems is to reposition the waypoints to suit your map and your ride. MapSource lets you do this quickly. I step through the list of waypoints in the left pane. At each one, Ctrl + D shows it in the map pane where I can drag it to the right place.


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Re: How to create usable routes for TA?
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Outdated post, but i have two great solutions for this that you might find it interesting and functional: &