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Route comparison to LMB Shore Line Route
« on: March 31, 2010, 07:59:19 am »
Kerry Irons
Adventure Cycling Association

3-30-10 evaluation of LMB Shore Line maps vs. USBR-35 draft Google maps (south to north):
. Route uses McCracken to Lakeshore in Muskegon, LMB uses Lincoln/Sherman/Beach/Lakeshore Dr.
. Route uses Hart-Montague trail.  LMB uses shore roads out of Montague (Cook, Old Channel Trl,, Hancock, Lehman, Elers, Chase Rd, Meinert Rd, Lehman/48th Ave)  to B-15 and by-passes Hart.  LMB has Hart-Montague Trail option which is 35 miles shorter.
. Route uses Harrison/8th/64th/Wayne from Hart to Pentwater. LMB uses 72nd to Monroe.
. Route uses James St. in Ludington, LMB uses Washington.  City of Ludington recommends Rath Ave.  Route uses Ludington Ave (US-10).  City says too much traffic.  Route uses Lakeshore to Jagger to Jebavy.  LMB uses Lakeshort to Dewey to Jebavy.  USBR-20 uses Tinkham to Jebavy.
. Route uses Maple into Manistee, LMB uses County Line Rd, Red Apple, Cherry, 1st St.
. Route uses Forest Ave/7th/Main St/Michigan Ave. to M-22 in Frankfort. (Why not Main St from Lake St. instead of routing on M-115?)  LMB uses 11th/James St. to M-22 (goes to school for camping).
. Route uses CR 614/E. Cherry Bend Rd/CR 633 into Traverse City.  LMB uses CR 616/E. Hoxie Rd/E. Grandview Rd.
. Route uses US31/Front St/Munson Ave. in Traverse City.  LMB uses TART trail plus Washington St/Garfield Ave/Civic Center Dr/Eeigth St/Hastings St.
through Traverse City to Bunker Hill Rd.
. Route uses US-31/Brackett Rd/CR 605 (Elk Lake Rd) from Traverse City to Elk Rapids.  LMB uses Bunker Hill Rd/bike path/Bates/Sayler/Yuba/Angell/Munro/Townline/Elk Lake Rds to Elk Rapids/ . Route uses Lake/Iroquois/Ames St/Cairn Hwy/Quarer Line Rd/O'Dell Rd/Joe Marks Trail/Birchview Dr/Golden Beach Rd./San Marion Trl from Elk Rapids to Torch Lake.  LMB uses River St/Dexter St/N. Bayshore Rd/Williams Rd/Cairn Hwy/Indian Rd/West Torch Lake Rd/Barnes Rd/US-31.
. Route uses Barnard Rd to enter Charlevoix.  LMB turns off Barnard Rd. to Ferry Rd/Black Rd/Marion Center Rd.
. Route uses US-31 in Charlevoix south of the bridge.  LMB uses Stover/Ferry Ave/Belvedere from M-66.
. Route uses only M-119 from Harbor Springs to Good Hart.  LMB uses Lake St/Lake Rd in Harbor Springs and Lower Shore Dr for part of the distance.
. Route uses Lakeside Dr/Dujauncy St in Mackinaw City.  LMB stays on Central Ave.