Author Topic: What road bikes can fit a 700x32 or 35?  (Read 23455 times)

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Re: What road bikes can fit a 700x32 or 35?
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One other thing you might want to keep in mind...

This is based on personal experience, and nothing scientific, but the amount of weight you're carrying, overall, makes a huge impact on the longevity/durability of any tire.  Based on the fact that you're considering a road-bike, verses something specific for touring, leads me to believe you're conscious of weight.  I struggled with the same thing, partly because I wanted to go single speed; and with that, very few (Surly only) touring frames allow for it - which means, again, a road bike frame.

The bike you've mentioned - the Redline - I think you would be fine.  Outfitting a road-bike these days for the purposes of touring isn't hard - racks, etc can be found that will work extremely well.

As for tires, again, you'll be fine with anything around 28mm.  As I mentioned, I chose the Marathon Plus's, which were outstanding; not the fastest tire on the planet, but they last.

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