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Glacier National Park to Park City, UT
« on: February 15, 2010, 12:27:27 am »
Hello all

A friend and I are planning a self supported camping bike trip starting in Browning, MT outside of Glacier National Park, down to Park City, UT area. We want to get from Browning to Bozeman, Bozeman to West Yellowstone, from there ride the length of yellowstone and grand teton ntl park down into Jackson, WY, and from there into Park City, UT where we will rest with family before coninuing to the final destination of Fort Collins, CO. We are unfamiliar with the highways/roads along this route, and are looking for suggestions, especially between Browning and Park City. We will be riding in late May. Any information or suggestions on the best roads and routes for this area is much appriciated. THANKS!!!

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Re: Glacier National Park to Park City, UT
« Reply #1 on: February 15, 2010, 09:31:58 am »
Do NOT ride 191 between Bozeman and West Yellowstone. It is a miserable bicycling road - narrow two lane, shoulderless, hemmed in by the river and full of impatient truck drivers. 287 to the west is probably better although I haven't ridden it south of I90. Between I90 and Helena 287 is good cycling.

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Re: Glacier National Park to Park City, UT
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I was just living out in Green River, WY on a travel nurse assignment for 6 months and could not believe the scenery out in this area of WY and UT.... awesome to say the least.

...If you're heading south from Jackson, WY then taking 189 out towards Pinedale is a real scenic ride.  Then continue on 189 heading south towards Evanston, WY (good town to restock everything).  Once leaving Evanston there is Rt. 150 that heads south and into Utah and winds through the Wasatch N'tl Forest and then to Park City, Ut.

Rt 89 runs more parallel to Idaho/UT border and might be more direct shot to Evanston, but I didn't have time to ride or drive that road.