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Re: My Idea
« Reply #15 on: March 05, 2010, 10:19:12 am »
Don't do it alone.
the young women that I have met who did an XC tour alone would disagree with Scott's advice.

But their mothers would all agree with it.  :)

I'm with Pete. You'll be fine either way.
For what it is worth both Moms and Dads worry, it is in their job description.  I worry when my daughter travels whether by bike or otherwise.  That said I encourage it and am proud that I raised a confident independent daughter.

BTW, I like the article Jennifer linked to.

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Re: My Idea
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I am travelling the perimeter of usa at the moment, from Philly NT to Seattle, Pacific Coast to SFO
ST to FL Keys and now I am on my way back to Philly along the Atlantic Coast. Woman, travelling alone with my dog. Have pepperspray against chasing dogs and a cellphone with 911 as a short key. Never have had any bad experience throughout the whole 10 months ride so far (knock on wood) but met tons of nice, helpful and superfriendly people on the road. You could try to play safe by staying on campgrounds and cheap motels, never go during nighttime and be careful whom you talk to. I have a short haircut, with my helmet on I dont think you realise on first sight that I am a woman.
guess it is relatively safe to go alone , dont worry. if i can help you with decision making, let me know.