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anybody working on the bicycle system in Oregon?


Hey there.  I'm new to road touring (ordering an LHT this week, hopefully!), but I've been doing short mountain bike trips for a few years now.  I was wondering what sort of work was going on in Oregon with regards to the U.S. Bicycle Route.  And anybody working on a Trans-OR mountain bike route?

We do have people working on the USBRS in Oregon. Cycle Oregon's route researcher has picked up the ball and is drafting routes for the system. This is a great first step.

As for a TransAm mountain bike route, I haven't heard of anything like that but a likely place to look would be the www.rideoregonride.com website. this lists ALL the bike routes and trails for Oregon with interactive maps, feedback and services. It's done by Travel Oregon.

Enjoy! and Welcome to the Forums.


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