Author Topic: South of the "Lost Coast" in California  (Read 1531 times)

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South of the "Lost Coast" in California
« on: March 01, 2010, 06:06:43 pm »

I'm wondering if anyone has ridden the southern portion of California's "Lost coast." It seems the "Lost Coast" usually describes Capetown/Petrolia/Honeydew region. I once drove from Highway 1 just north of Rockport along dirt/gravel roads through the Wheeler/Kenny/Sinkyonne Wilderness State Park, arriving at Honeydew from the south. I did it in my two-wheel drive Saturn Wagon, so the roads weren't that bad, but I remember them very steep.

Has anyone on the list ever ridden this stretch? I'm thinking of taking it on my trip this summer (avoiding Hwy 101 through Jenner/Garberville, etc., and trying out my road/trail bike on "real" gravel/dirt roads), and looking for tips from folks who may have done it before--or folks who have heard "don't even try it"  :)

It looks like the southern dirt/gravel (some may be paved) portion of the route would be 51 miles, with 13,400 feet of climbing (maximum elevation 2,200 feet, so LOTS of ups and downs, average grade 9.0). I'm fairly fit, and not in too much of a rush, but I'd rather not get into something that's too crazy.

I have a GPS, and know how to use it, since I'm guessing that many of the road intersections back there may be not marked or minimally marked.



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Re: South of the "Lost Coast" in California
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I tried attaching a couple small images (.gif, 9k and 80 k), but the system wouldn't let me. I tried one at a time and that wouldn't work either.