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2010 Jamis Aurora vs Aurora Elite
« on: March 01, 2010, 10:57:30 pm »
My 2007 Novara Randonee was stolen a few weeks ago  :( REI has changed the Randonee to be more like a regular road bike (with gearing) rather than a touring bike so I am looking to purchase either the Jamis Aurora or Aurora Elite.  I already plan on swapping the front chain ring for a 26...I don't know if the Elite is worth the extra money.  I also considered the Surly LHT however I do not want to have bar end shifters so thus that is out.  Any thoughts would be appreciated, I am not enjoying this process...I would rather have my old bike that has thousands of miles on it.  Thank you!

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Re: 2010 Jamis Aurora vs Aurora Elite
« Reply #1 on: March 02, 2010, 11:49:19 am »
The Aurora Elite is made from a better grade of steel.  If you ready any of my posts on the topic, you will read that I am really against Reynold 520 tube sets in a touring bike frame.  Frame wiggle is a possibility with the Aurora, but that will depend on the frame size, how much you weigh, and how much gear you take.

Any good dealer should be more than happy to swap components out for you.  Bar end shifters are more reliable than brifters, but with additional maintenance brifters can be made to work for you (just don't let the lubricant dry out).  If you plan to ride to the tip of South America from Vancouver, I might really encourage you to get bar end shifters.  Your tours are probably shorter than that, so get whatever shifter makes you happy. 

Brifters are pretty expensive, so don't vapor lock when you Surly dealer tell you how expensive it is to swap them out.  The bar end shifters are worth $100, and the brake levers are probably worth $60, so I would expect that you would get at least a $160 credit towards your brifter purchase.  Shimano Tiagra is a good starter group for you to consider, but we can discuss what other component choices you want to make.