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I am a paralyzed rider planning to ride from Anacortes, Washington to the Atlantic Ocean via Washington DC the summer of 2011. :) I plan to use portions of the Northern Tier and North Lakes Adventure Cycling routes but need some guidance in completing the route from Monroeville, Indiana to the Atlantic Ocean via Washington DC.  

I will be riding a Greenspeed tandem trike using my arm power yoked via the drivetrain with the leg power of an able-bodied rider.  This will be a fully supported ride that requires sufficient campsite space to pitch multiple tents and park an RV each day.  The support vehicles will be pulling a couple cargo trailers, one for the camping equipment, the other for the camera equipment the film crew will be using to document the journey.  There will be other bicyclists riding with me on this fundraiser/awareness ride (to see reason for ride click here and here  We need camping sites large enough to accommodate the vehicles, trailers, RV, a couple tents that measure 10 x 10 at the footprint, a couple canopies and several smaller tents. ;D

Due to the 39 inch width and 10'5" length of the tandem trike it may be prohibitive to use certain bike paths if they prove to be too narrow to accommodate passing bicycle traffic if a bike path were an option in planning this route. :P

Are there any safe route suggestions that can be negotiated without an overabundance of automobile traffic?  The reason I am headed to Washington DC is because of a message I have to deliver to Congress :)
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