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Re: Passing other tourist riders
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I clicked on to your url and saw the familiar words "Your going to do what?" As I started reading only just few lines... My eyes started to tear up... Not sure I can read the rest. Not right now anyway. I hope you have a wonderful trip. ps. I think the idea of slowly building up miles (pre-trip) is going to be the most common sense idea for me to follow. Really enjoyed this thread. Take care. Its great you are able to do this together.

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Re: Passing other tourist riders
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I also enjoy talking to the Harley riders - especially camping near them, guaranteed to entertain.

Definitely.  I camped in Montrose, CO.  There were four Harley riders there.  There was one male-female couple. 

I had a funny experience camping next to a Harley couple in a campground at Biggs Jct on the Columbia River.  I had ridden over a mountain pass, fully loaded, and done 83 miles.  When asked, I told them that, and they proudly announced that they had ridden over 250 miles on their Harley, and boy, now that was a tiring experience! The guy actually asked me then if I agreed that surely 250 miles on their bike was more of a ordeal than just 80 on my pedal bike?  I just said, "It all depends". 
May the wind be at your back!