Author Topic: jackson wyoming ideas for self guided solo road ride tour for maybe 5 - 7 days?  (Read 3472 times)

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Offline fishski

I will be in and around jackson hole WY late august and would like to know if anyone has a loop or point to point that might would be a good option for beauty, climbing and adventure.  I have a road bike and would think to cover 60-80 plus miles/day.  Any ideas out there?

Offline valygrl

Can't tell from your post if you are doing a credit card tour, car/hotel based day rides or self-supported/loaded tour, so it's a little hard to make a recommendation.  I'll just point out a few roads that are good, and leave the logistics to you.

That area is gorgeous.

At the Eastern edge of Yellowstone, I really enjoyed Cody To Cooke City via the Chief Joseph Hwy/Sunlight Basin Road (120 to 296).  This is a very remote & un-travelled road with spectacular scenery.  There are almost no services on it, though, so definitely be prepared with food & water.   

I've heard from reliable sources that the Beartooth Higway (212) from Cooke CIty to Red Lodge is absolutely spectacular, but haven't done it myself yet.

Closer to Jackson, you could head out towards Grand Teton Nat'l Park and head up Togwotee Pass, for a big out-and-back climb.  They were re-paving it in 2008, so I bet it's awesome.  The views coming back towards the Tetons are spectacular.

In August the tourist traffic in Yellowstone itself could be a little too heavy for the Yellowstone roads to be that fun.  Also check with the park for bison mating season, I think it's around then - can be scary.

I'd suggest posting on touring forum and hoping to get a reply from user Jamawani, who lives in Buffalo and knows Wyoming roads really well.

Sunlight Basin Road

Offline fishski

Dig the photo.  i am a first timer so likely credit card.  With 7 days, what might you suggest for a good start/end point?
Not even sure that is a reasonable question so be gentle.  What cities might be good point to point locations given my light travel?
I can sstart in idaho falls and head over to jackson or go the reverse.

thanks so much for the post/reply

Offline valygrl

Hey, I haven't done much CC touring, and none around there, so I can't really offer anything more specific.  The Yellowstone area has plenty of hotel/motel options, but they aren't everywhere and they do fill up in summer, so you might want to get fairly specific with your plans and make reservations.