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Johnsondasw, I am a devoted owner but I don't think that's why I take her.  I have 4 dogs totaling 250 lbs...I'm not THAT devoted!  If I didn't have Jasmine, I think I would have dropped the idea of touring before it ever got started.  Everyone who know me and Jasmine both tell me we are exactly alike.  I get along with everyone for a very long time but I don't usually have as good a time if I ride with others so I have found that riding solo is the way to go.  Then I started biking with my dogs to exercise them properly and I discovered she was a perfect biking buddy.  So I bring her along because it allows me to have great company and still ride solo.  Not to mention, I tend to freak myself out camping alone so having her along makes that easier for me. 

Jasmine and 2 other dogs pull me along on the bike (it's a sport called bikejoring).  It's a ton of fun!  Sometimes it feels like I'm being shot out of a slingshot...very exhilirating!  I've never had her pull me while on our long rides though...I don't want to tire her out too quickly.  There is a guy that rode from Alaska to Colorado with his husky who is a true sled dog so conditioned very well.  The dog ran about 30 miles a day and pulled him part of the way.  That dog seems cooler than mine!

Tiff :)