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Guffey CO Camping
« on: March 25, 2010, 12:18:20 pm »
It's sometimes hard to find a place to camp in and around Guffey, regardless of listings.  Sometimes cyclists arrive late after locals have disappeared etc.
You're always welcome to stop at my cabin, 84 Main St, Guffey...just east of the Freshwater Saloon.  The cabin bears a sign "Bag End".  While I don't provide sleeping quarters I'll be glad to fill your water bottles, let you use my restroom (if I'm home) and use my yard for repairs.  The saloon right next door is usually open at 12 for restroom, food and drink.  I'm not sure if the new owner will allow you to camp on the premises but the previous one did..........a little polite inquiry might do the trick.  Rita's Place is open 6 days with great food, local information and tremendous hospitality.  It's right on the upper street of Guffey as you enter town.  There is also a post office.  No cell phones work in/around Guffey.