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Google Earth file
« on: March 27, 2010, 06:42:44 pm »

To use the above file on Google Earth:
Right click and save somewhere on your computer.
Open Google Earth.
Navigate to where you saved the file
Select the file, click on Open

The route is the thin blue line along Lake Michigan.  You can zoom in and see the part of the route you are interested in.

The Michigan USBR 35 file will be located under Temporary Places in the left box.
To save it so it will be available the next time you run Google Earth, highlight the filename, right click and Save to My Places.

There are a few changes that have been made to this route file that are different from the Google Maps versions as of this date.
This file anticipates that the route will be changed so that north of Holland, it follows Butternut Ave. rather than heading out to Holland State Park and following Lakeshore Drive.
Approaching Harbor Springs, the route leaves the bicycle trail at Beach Drive and enters Harbor Springs near the waterfront.  This route needs to be checked for suitability.

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Re: Google Earth file
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If you have a recent version of Google Earth, you can do a Tour, which is an animated flyover of the route. 

First, update to the most recent version of Google Earth.
In the left box under Places, find Michigan_US_Bicycle_Route_35_ (plus date)
If it has a round ball next to it, click on the small arrow to the left of the filename.
The filename should show up again under the original filename, and it should have three dots with a line to the left of it.
Highlight this filename by clicking on it.
At the bottom right of the Places box is a small button with three dots and a line in it. 
Click on the button and the tour should start.

You can adjust the speed, angle and altitude by going to the top bar of Google and clicking on Tools>Options.
Go to the Touring Tab.
Under "When creating a tour from a line", I recommend moving the Camera Range and Speed slider buttons all the way to the right. 
You can try different values for Camera Tilt Angle and see what you like.  60 seems to work.
On my computer, the tour runs for 68 minutes at these settings.
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