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Biking for Local Food
« on: April 21, 2010, 02:13:36 pm »
Hello, I am planing a bike trip across the country, starting in Oregon.  My mission is to ride the entire trip while eating as much locally sourced food as possible.  I am hoping to promote alternative modes of transportation as well as to promote local food.  I will be starting in Cannon Beach, Oregon on June 22nd and will follow the Columbia/Washington/Oregon boarder through Idaho Hwy 12 into Missoula, to Bozeman, south through YNP, into Colorado before heading East, ultimately ending in D.C.

If anyone in the North West region would like to join me on a leg of the trip, me and my riding partner would love company!  Also if anyone knows of cool farms/farmers that I should visit please let me know. 

Also, we would appreciate suggestions on where to stay.  Right now we are planing on stopping in Portland, Hood River, and Hermiston before heading through the SE corner of Washington and into Idaho. 

Thanks for the input!