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Sacramento to Reno


We are going cross country but have to use an alternate route from the western express to drop a friend off in Reno.  We are going to detour somewhere outside of Sacramento and head to the northern part of Lake Tahoe. Biking on highway 80 seems like a nightmare.  Does anyone have a suggestion?  thanks!

HI All-
anyone have a favorite route that minimizes the use of highway 80?  Help! 

What do you think about going up 49 to Grass Valley before turning east on CA 20? Then it looks like you have about 4-5 miles of 80 before you can hop off the freeway. There might be some other roads you could stitch together but that's some work. Short of going all the way around 49 and coming into Truckee on 89 I don't think you have much choice.

This is a roundabout way but scenic. Take hwy 16 out of Sac. connect to Hwy 49 then to 88 going through Jackson and up to Carson Pass. At the bottom of the pass you catch 89 to South Lake Tahoe and then can continue up the Northern side of the lake to Tahoe City.

I agree with the 49 to 20 idea.  We live in the Nevada City area and are willing to host cyclists if you need a place to crash.


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