Author Topic: Pacific Coast- 23 days to reach San Francisco.... Starting point?  (Read 1741 times)

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Offline MattP.

Hey all!

First post, looks to be a great resource here! I'm planning my first multiday tour, starting July 30.

I'm currently in Bellingham, WA, and need to be back up here by August 23, so that leaves about 23 days to reach San Francisco (or near it). My question is, where would everyone recommend starting? Bellingham? Seattle? Portland? Somewhere in between?

I realize it greatly depends on how long I plan to ride each day, but what would be your personal recommendations? I don't need to end in San Francisco, but would like to.


Thanks all!

Offline lisap

I began in Vancouver CA last year and went North for about a week and then rode South to SFO and did it within all 28 days so you should have no problems doing it in 23 days. I averaged about 45 miles per day which was a really relaxed pace, enough time to stop and talk to people on the trail or look around the parks I stayed in.

If you are plannng on leaving from SFO airport it is really easy to get to from the Pacific Coast route but have no idea where the Greyhound or Amtrack are.

Offline cgarch

Hi Matt, first post eh? I have to politely ask the question - have you done your research? Not to rag on you in particular but this about 4th or 5th post this year asking the same question. I'd like to suggest you check this forum for those similar questions and answers. And take a look at for many similar route journals. Do a little research and I think you'll eventually find the answer to your question. As well as the cornucopia of the experiences of others. And Yes you can do it in the time frame. But you aren't specific about your trip plans - inland or coastal, camping or moteling,??? There are a lot of variables. I (we?) can't write your trip for you - planning it so it works for you is part of the great fun of a trip. Reading the journals of others can tell you what to avoid and what to include. Good luck!

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Matt:  If you're in reasonable condition, 23 days from B'ham should be no problem.  We did the Pacific Coast route from Olympia to LA in 20 days, and that's a lot further than your plan.  We averaged 72 MPD and camped every night and hauled our stuff in trailers.
May the wind be at your back!

Offline tdelhagen

Hey Matt -

I'm in the midst of planning the exact trip.  I'm living in Brooklyn so I'm going to ship my bike out to the REI in Seattle and then meet up with it there.  From Seattle I'm trying to figure out a route to the San Juan Islands.  From there I'll come down and hit the Peninsula route through the first part of Washington.  I'm also planning on ending up in San Fran and am looking to do it in 21 days at the most.  It means some heavy days of riding but I'm down for long days in the saddle. 

I'll be camping for the entire trip.  If you're planning on doing the same you'll have a lot more freedom to hit the longer days. 

If anyone has any info on hitting up the San Juans from Seattle I'd love to hear. 

best of luck and thanks for the post.