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Whoa! Not too much action in the Canada forum!

I've been aware of the ACA for well over 10 years now but as a Canadian, ACA was totally USA-centric for me because there's no routes for cycling X-Canada or major parts thereof.  Plenty of people cycle X-Canada every year and I'm curious as to why ACA has never done any maps for Canada (we'll ignore the routes that go into Canada a few hundred kms, like the Continental Divide)?  I'm sure ACA would garner quite a few Canadian members if they expanded a bit.

So... my question:  Does ACA have any plans to create maps for Canada in the near future?


I'm not sure it is necessary. Practically all the routes that cross the Canadian Rockies are cycleable. You can pick almost any highway in BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan and ride your way from the Pacific Coast to the Prairies. Manitoba is a big problem, there is really no great way to cross that province, all their roads are atrocious. There are only two ways to get through Northern Ontario, both of them mediocre. Quebec has the well documented Route Verte. The Maritimes are a mixed bag, but again you can pick almost any route. Eastern Canadian provinces have plenty of regional and local tourist information centres, and you are bound to pass one every other day, if not daily.

The other tricky thing with publishing information on Canada is that services in rural areas are always in flux and very hard to keep up to date. I think this is part of what makes a cross-Canada ride a real adventure and a sense of discovery — you just go and find out what's ahead, preparing for the worst then being pleasantly surprised at what comes up.

Hi univac,

--- Quote from: univac on May 17, 2010, 10:20:03 pm ---So... my question:  Does ACA have any plans to create maps for Canada in the near future?

--- End quote ---

Short answer to your question: no plans at this time.

Slightly longer answer: Our route selection is primarily member-driven and there hasn't been a demand from members to create this route or any route in Canada. Also, there is an organization out there doing the cross country work, TransCanada Trail ( and then there is an extensive network in Quebec already mapped and signed by La Route Verte (

If you want us to look into it, start a movement of members. =)


Jennifer, I know resources are limited and the focus is on the National Bicycle Hwy Network but I wish you would consider the following routes in Canada:

1. Seattle to somewhere in Alaska
2. Routes around the Great lakes
3. Trans Canada Hwy.

Have you ever thought of partnering with groups in Canada (ie Trans Canada Trail or Route Verte) Initially use their maps and you supply the trip detail ie., camping , motels , food, bike shops, medical, etc,. (they might even consider adding mileage lines) This would be a win win for all. It might save you resources intially, build your membership in Canada, and provide bicycle tourist much needed information.

It is like the cart before the horse or more appropriately, the trailer before the bike, instead of waiting for the interest to build up, you might initiate the interest. It is worth considering, eh :) Bob


--- Quote from: JMilyko on May 19, 2010, 10:30:43 am ---Short answer to your question: no plans at this time.

--- End quote ---

OK, fair enough and I certainly do appreciate the official response.

So, just to see what I'm 'up against,' how many members of the ACA are Canadian?  In brief, how does one lobby the ACA?  If it's as simple as emails from all interested people who'd like to see Canadian maps developed, then that's easy enough (ooo! did I just utter some famous last words?)!  On the other hand, if the interested parties have to turn up at a board meeting at HO, then that won't work for me.  Surveys?



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