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--- Quote from: JayH on June 18, 2010, 12:53:56 pm ---Quebec is "done"

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Yes, Quebec is awesome, as has been mentioned a few times already in this thread.  I grew up riding my bike in Quebec before La Rue Verte was created and finally rode parts of it last year during my X-Canada ride.  Definitely the best organized group in Canada with signs on the roads identifying the different Rue Vertes.  (As an aside, I have to say that in general, Quebec cyclists really, really disrespect the rules of the road - but that's another thread, eh?).

One could argue that PEI's rail trails - which I didn't like because it took me away from the 'action' - is 'done' also.  Nova Scotia seems to have a well developed system of bike trails although not quite as formalized a Quebec's, IMO.

What we really need is a NATIONAL organization in Canada, a la ACA, for touring cyclists who want to ride multiple provinces.  I'm not convinced it's economically feasible to start such an organization in Canada, but the ACA certainly has all the resources in place to be able to accomplish this.  Granted I haven't read much more about ACA's raison d'etre other than their 'about page' but I don't see anything that holds them to just 'doing' the US (and yes, I know there are small forays into Canada).  Anyhow, ACA seems to be very well positioned to augment their US routes with significant Canadian and Mexican ones.  Just think of all those Boomers with money burning a hole a their pockets! ;-)


--- Quote from: Tourista829 on May 20, 2010, 05:56:27 pm ---Ginny, thank you so much for your information. My sister lives, not far from Detroit and a safe route above lake Erie, from Windsor east, would be great. I believe there is someone in BC you can contact and with a little research, I might be able to find you a contact in the North West Territories. I really think a Seattle to Alaska route would be a terrific. Thank you again for your response and interest. Bob :)

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That one is basically there - in the Lake Erie Connector.  It doesn't make it to Windsor, but does go to Kingsville, and Wheatley, and includes a route from Wheatley to the south shore of Lake St. Clair.   Starting from Detroit one could head north and cross on the ferry, catching the Lake Erie connector around where it crosses the St. Clair river.


--- Quote from: JayH on June 18, 2010, 12:53:56 pm ---Quebec is "done"

I don't know what the other provinces do, but I've read up on the Quebec part cause that is closer to me...


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In addition, one might call the corridor from Niagara on the Lake to Montreal "done":

This is fully mapped (commercial cartography grade), at (somewhat too much) more detail than the ACA maps.  I'd actually prefer something with more detail than ACA, and less than Waterfront Trail.  ACA is fine if you don't deviate, but I'd rather just have my recommended route highlit, so when I deviate from it (to find food, lodging, whatever...) I don't have to rely on either making it a dogleg, having working gps, or carrying another map.  The Waterfront Trail maps are largely at a scale appropriate for pedestrians, so it doesn't take long enough before it is time to switch maps.


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