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--- Quote from: Tourista829 on May 19, 2010, 12:26:35 pm ---Jennifer, I know resources are limited and the focus is on the National Bicycle Hwy Network but I wish you would consider the following routes in Canada:

1. Seattle to somewhere in Alaska
2. Routes around the Great lakes
3. Trans Canada Hwy.

--- End quote ---

1. This would be awesome and benefits both Canadian and American ACA members, not to mention international members!
2. Another great suggestion!
3. I avoided the TC as much as possible during my X-Canada tour.  It's boring and noisy, and in some parts, extremely dangerous,  Manitoba and Ontario come to mind.  Of course, there are exceptions, e.g., BC.

--- Quote from: Tourista829 on May 19, 2010, 12:26:35 pm ---Have you ever thought of partnering with groups in Canada (ie Trans Canada Trail or Route Verte) Initially use their maps and you supply the trip detail ie., camping , motels , food, bike shops, medical, etc,. (they might even consider adding mileage lines) This would be a win win for all. It might save you resources initially, build your membership in Canada, and provide bicycle tourist much needed information.

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Personally, I wouldn't bother with the TC Trail, but maybe that's just me.  For instance, in PEI, I rode about 30km of the Confederation Trail, which is an old rail bed and part of the TC Trail.  For a significant part of the 30km, I had high hedges on either side of me as the trail cut thru farmers' fields.  Boring!  I quickly got back on the road.  I don't tour on paths for the most part but on roads with motorized vehicles.  YMMV and different strokes for different folks! :-)

I am surprised that there isn't an organization, in Canada, that offers similar material as ACO. I agree with you, Manitoba is tough as is Ontario for traffic. I think the Seattle to Alaska is a viable possibility. I would do it. There has got to be journals, ie on Crazy Guy On A Bike website that has done these trips. With a little research, you could pull together enough information.

Hi folks, Ginny Sullivan entering the conversation here. ACA is developing some routes in Canada - mostly Ontario with the Underground Railroad Bicycle Route which enters Ontario at Buffalo, NY and terminates in Owen Sound. We're now working on a new Alternate to that route that will enter into Ontario in Detroit and link back to the main route in Owen Sound - creating a US-Canada loop!

As for the U.S. Bicycle Route System, the interest in connecting these routes into Canada is definitely there. It would be helpful if Canada's provincial governments had a designated person to help us coordinate an official system (I believe Quebec is the only Ministry of Transport that has a person designated to work on biking??). That being said, we'll be working with local organizations and that will help us connect with Canada's local groups on best routes. It might take awhile, we're focused on getting the U.S. system in place but I know the border states are very interested in working the routes into Canada. And yes, La Route Verte was included in our planning for the US Bike Route System.

Living in Montana, one of those border states, I very much see the value of making the system continental - like EuroVelo.

Ginny, thank you so much for your information. My sister lives, not far from Detroit and a safe route above lake Erie, from Windsor east, would be great. I believe there is someone in BC you can contact and with a little research, I might be able to find you a contact in the North West Territories. I really think a Seattle to Alaska route would be a terrific. Thank you again for your response and interest. Bob :)

Quebec is "done"

I don't know what the other provinces do, but I've read up on the Quebec part cause that is closer to me...



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