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Hello everybody,

I'm a member of developers' team at project that offers free web application to store, manage and share waypoints and tracks. ACA administration kindly let me post a short introduction to the project (thanks, JMilyko!).  So you are welcome to have a glance at . Every feedback is appreciated.

Just a few features that we think make us distinct:

- powerful online tools to manage your spatial data, including splitting and joining tracks, creating own sets of icons for waypoints, automatic geotagging of pictures to tracks using EXIF data

- public view page for trip infos that users want to share to everybody, please see this sample about 8-hour bicycle ride in Tovtry national park (custom maps are toggled by switcher right to the Google Maps window)

- flexible access rights management. Keep data private, share to selected users or groups, or show everyone (even unlogged); work on data as one team

- application generates an embeded iframe view and its image version for every open collection , so that you can better describe journeys or plans in favorite forums. For example, a representation of a fun bicycle geopainting adventure:

- a good bundle of other useful features to discover.

We have spent some time and effort to develop the project and now are looking forward to be useful to traveling community. So please count on quick response in case that you need some function that's not present so far.

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I'm on the road with a garmin etrek hxc wanting to place info of travels on my wordpress website. Help me to understand how to use your application.
Jean Andre Vallery
Jean Andre Vallery
Jacumba, California

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Hi Jean,
I'm on the road with a garmin etrek hxc wanting to place info of travels on my wordpress website. Help me to understand how to use your application.

The best answer to your question would be a screencast, but today I'm out of office and home, so just do not have this possibility. I would add screencast by Monday morning. A part of answer to your questions can be found in Help Step by step instructions section, it also has 5 min amateur video with terrible accent.

Now some text instruction. Procedure from importing data to getting url for embedded view for your blog would take 3-5 minutes, but when put it words it takes long dull paragraphs.

Typical procedure could be:

1) Get tracks and waypoints out of your etrex in gpx fromat, most common software is MapSource

2) Waypoints and tracks are imported into
(acceptable formats: gpx, kmz, kml, plt and wtp). Use green "Import" button in main menu. Imported data is found in Waypoints//Owned and Tracks//Owned lists. Read help on waypoints, tracks, maps and images import. You may also want to add blog entry to your report, especially geotagged one as most of information you would want to publish in your blog at worldpress of course.

3) Create a collection of data.
Select data you need to publish (own data is found in: Waypoints//Owned; Tracks//Owned; Images//Owned), put it into tray by selecting  data row (single click on name) and putting it into tray with "add to tray" button in data menu. When all the data to be published is found in tray, push "save tray contents as new collection" button, give name to collection.

4) Give open access to collection
(so far you are the only one who can access it). To do this, find your collection in Collections//Owned list. Push to open the collection.

Before you publish, create slug for collection, which is a must as it becomes part of collection's unique address, e.g. Slug is adited by pushing . Optionally, edit title and description .

Now push in collection menu, chose "Make this object public" option, and close the next window that would confirm current access settings.

Ready. "Link to open view" button now appears in collection menu. Push it to open the view in which your data can now bee seen by everyone. Note, that if you add/remove data from collection, it also takes effect on open view. Be careful with editing slug as changing it you also change the address at which data is accessible in Internet.


Now you have several options to include data into your blog. Basic rule is that the more interactive the embedded view is, the more restrictions it would face from your blog's administration.
The options and url-s to access them are listed in collection's public view in "Embed" section. Options are:
- iframe (interactive);
- Gadget url for iGoogle, Wave, Facebook etc (interactive);
- Plain image (not interactive, generated of iframe view) to add to forums with more restrictions like this one.

Hope this can help. Would add screencast shortly.

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here is screencast about how to create a simplest public access collection that contains tracks only: (5min, voice)

The resulting collection is this:

Pictures, waypoints and geotagged text entries can be added