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Atlantic Coast Route - Hudson Valley NY
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single lane - construction CR 41 Crum Elbow Rd. town of Hyde Park (section:2 map19 - NEW route in Dutchess county) NB just after Cream Street - SB after crossing CR 16 and Victory Lake camp - in effect 04/12/10 to 09/13/10 as per road sign

 the Hudson Valley Rail Trail is being extended eastward to the west end of the Walkway OTH - a construction vehicle advisory for  Haviland Rd. and Vineyard Ave. in the village of Highland town of Lloyd NY (section:2 map19 - old and new route) extra caution is advised in this area for the remainder
of the year 2010

sunken manhole cover village of Hyde Park (section:2 map19 - old and new route) NB side US rt. 9

rough shoulder advisory US rt. 9 village of Hyde park (section:2 map19 - old and new route) - there is also a gap caused by erosion - stay to right - the
rough shoulder area is on the SB side and is from just after the intersection of CR 41 (post office) to just north of the FDR home NHS