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Help with bicycle rout?
« on: August 15, 2010, 04:06:57 pm »
OK so I'm planning a trip that will be a very long one I'd be going from Spanaway Washington to banning, California then to Homestead, Florida  Back up to Amherst, Pennsylvania over to Winnipeg, Canada to Kitimast Mission, Canada then back to Spanaway, Washington. I'm looking to stay on the road but not main one's  I'd need to find free wifi spots to update my trip and I would be self sufficient. I'm building a teardrop trailer to be towed behind my Bicycle. if it gets to the point I cant take it with me O well but I want to set up as if it's going here is what I have done do far.!+Mail

I don't expect to make great time. I'm not time constrained so if there is a point of interest by I'd love to see it while I'm traveling so any help would be great.  ;D