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Northern Tier Route, Section 6, Map 80:
« on: September 01, 2010, 10:43:16 pm »
Northern Tier Route, Section 6, Map 80: CoRd (County Road) 3 east of Dalbo, between CoRd 1 and CoRd 14, has been under construction all summer. (I didn't realize that until I went up there for a ride today.) The good news is that the bridge/culvert has been replaced and the road is passable by bike, BUT...there are NO shoulders, just a 3-6 inch drop off the pavement. Construction crew members tell me they have enjoyed talking with the cyclists who have come though, but the project will not be finished until around October 1st, 2010. Alternative routes (east or west-bound) are to use CoRd 1 between CoRd 6 and CoRd 3, or east-bound, stay on MN Hwy. 47 S until you reach CoRd 6 and turn left. or west-bound, stay on CoRd 6 until you reach Hwy. 47 and turn right.

Ride safe,
Hans Erdman
Isanti, MN
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