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SOLD: Nice 5/6/7 Speed Wheelset
« on: June 06, 2010, 03:43:11 pm »
Rear, with Miche freewheel hub, vaunted Mavic MA-2 700c 36 hole rim, and DT spokes. Ideal for fast riding to fully loaded touring. Can mount up to 35mm width tire. The hub spins buttery smooth, with polished races, cones upgraded with new Nuovo Record Campagnolo cones, and the ball bearings replaced with better than Campagnolo ball bearings (Grade 10). Skewer is included. 120mm (5 speed) width; if you want to use for 6 or 7 speed system, add spacer and substitute longer skewer. Wheel is true, spokes were stress relieved, and hub is lubricated and adjusted. This wheel should provide you with thousands of trouble free miles. When hub lubrication is needed there is a custom grease port; no need to disassemble to lubricate with grease. Includes reflective patches along inside of the rim for nighttime illumination. (If you unfamiliar with MA-2 rims, buyers willingly pay over $100 when one is for sale.)

Front, with Miche front hub; everything same as above, save rim is Mavic Open Sport, Mavic's latest MA-2 type rim; accepts same width tire, etc.

Both wheels, $125 plus shipping; less than half what would cost to build.

Photos on request.

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