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First a comment on the Garmin, I use a 605 and the accommodation finder section of the system is very useful.

If camping, on of the things top of my list is the Thermrest chair thingy.   Don't know the proper name but it's used to make your thermarest a chair and very comfy it is too :)

Books.   Gotta have something to relax with in the evening after a day in the saddle.   I buy mine in thrift stores or from public libraries.

A bottle of malt whisky for a sundowner :)

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Heinz Stuck is traveling on his bicycle since 1962 told in an interview that mirror is indeed one of the most important piece of equipment on a bicycle. He added that he doesn't understand why a helmet is required in many part of the world while mirror is not. I agree, a mirror is definitely a great safety gear and is very useful especially when you travel with someone. Of course you can travel without a mirror, just like you can drive a car that doesn't have mirrors - personnaly I would not do it. I even use two mirrors! MojoMom, here is an article that you might find useful: "Bicycle touring with a mirror"
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Of course I agree with all that you say.  In my previous post, I should have written one of the most important safety items.  I agree that if you are riding at night lights are essential and I wear super bright (shock yellow/green, etc) jerseys at all times. For a mirror, after trying different ones for about 35 years now, I like the bar end "Third Eye" one on my drop handlebar bikes.  It fits in the hollow end of the bar and is very convenient for me to glance at at see the whole situation to the rear.  I use some electrical tape to make it very secure and there is no vibration.
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