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I need a new bike...Help!
« on: June 23, 2010, 06:25:17 pm »
So I have just started doing triathlons and am wanting to purchase a new road bike.  I have no idea what is the best bang for my buck and would like some opinions from experienced riders.  I am about 5'3 but have longer legs.  I am wanting to spend about $800.00 no more than $900.00.  If anybody has any good suggestions on which brand is good for beginners, let me know.  Thanks

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Re: I need a new bike...Help!
« Reply #1 on: June 23, 2010, 07:30:51 pm »
Mayhaps you should check with the folks over at; this forum is focused on touring riders...

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Re: I need a new bike...Help!
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or, it has a lot of different categories...


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Re: I need a new bike...Help!
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I guess the bike part of triathlons could be an adventure in cycling, so it should be fine to post a quick note of response.

Your budget is definitely enough to get into the "entry level" (the term is not always appropriate, but it's standard) road bikes.  There's a lot of competition there, and you pretty much get what you pay for, as long as you stay with major manufacturers that have dealers all over the country and good customer service.  That would exclude the brands that are sold by mail-order only and look very appealing in the ads but end up costing you more money and frustration in the long run, especially for a beginner who really needs the support of the shop.

You will find little in the way of differences from one brand to another in the price range.  The car equivalent would be like if most small cars in a price range, regardless of brand, were using the same engine, transmission, and other parts.  There's probably less difference between bike frames too than there is between car bodies.  The question now is, "Who's going to support the product the best?"

The place to start then is not really so much "What bike?" but rather, "What shop will I choose as my home shop?" and then "What do they carry?"  Really.  It may be more important what shop you choose than what bike brand.  Visit various shops in your area and see which seem to be the most knowledgeable and helpful and give you the best feeling.  After you land on one, then pick a bike.

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Re: I need a new bike...Help!
« Reply #4 on: June 25, 2010, 05:14:29 pm »
I spent many years time-trialling and road racing (in the UK) before returning to cycling after a lay-off - (now I'm into mountain bike trail riding).   For training purposes I had a Specialized triple - a brilliant bike which could also be used for racing.  The "granny" ring was useful for training because of the hills I used to include which rarely appeared in time trials.  Specialized bikes are excellent, reasonably priced and should be readily available in the States.    The Specialized Allez Sport Double 2010 Road Bike is an excellent example, equipped with Shimano and Specialized kit - lightweight, versatile and ideally suited to both racing and training.  In the UK it comes up at around £600, so I would think it will be cheaper in the US.

Make sure you get the correct frame size - the stem and seat can be adjusted for reach.
If you are unsure about the size of bike, go to a specialist shop and get fitted - it is crucial to get this right.

Happy bike hunting and racing,